WPS – Excellence Awards – Collection 31

Deux Récompenses : WPS – Wedding Photography Select – Excellence Awards – Collection 31

Aujourd’hui, je reçois une belle nouvelle, avec deux photos récompensées dans la Collection 31 de “WPS – Wedding Photography Select”.

1000 mercis à mes super et adorables mariés ! Je remercie également les juges et la WPS pour ces récompenses!

WPS – Wedding Photography Selec : Excellence Awards – Collection 31

Wedding Photography Selec : Our Wedding Photography “Excellence Awards” are a selection of the finest images from the best wedding photographers all over the world. Each image has been handpicked by a team of judges & only the best images are selected.
We do not just give these awards away and less than 3% of images made the final list this time again.

WPS – Wedding Photography Selec – Images Collection 31 – http://www.weddingphotographyselect.co.uk/wedding-photography-excellence-awards-competition/31

WPS – Wedding Photography Selec – Profil Karol Robache – http://www.weddingphotographyselect.co.uk/intl/wedding-photographer-france-karol-robache

Karol R. Photographie – http://www.karolr.com/recompenses